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Published: 19th August 2006
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While Cat Stevens sung "I Never Wanted To Be A Star," you personally can't wait to see your name in lights and are feel you could easily be the next American Idol. You practice every day with the help of Karaoke and you're sounding real good! But why not increase your song vocabulary by downloading free karaoke songs online?

Karaoke is big business and demand for karaoke music continues to grow and that's one reason so many sites have appeared offering free songs to download.

If you are wondering what the catch is it's really not so bad. Most of these sites combine selling karaoke equipment such as players, mics, and speakers with selling karaoke CD's and tracks. They entice you by offering you free downloads in hopes that you'll spend some money on other things. So it's a win win for you. You can get free stuff and get good deals on hardware too.

Some sites offer no equipment just miles and miles of songs that are available for download. They offer a fair selection of free songs to download but then also offer a huge selection that you must pay a small fee to download. Fees are reasonable and it's a great way to build your collection.

Other sites offer free songs and then provide Karaoke software packages which they sell. These packages might provide a variety of functions such as providing you with editing options or turning your PC into a karaoke machine.

There are also sites that offer free samples that you can download to try or play with. Then if you like the song or the mix you buy the full track for a small fee. You might also be able to purchase a monthly membership which allows you unlimited downloads.

Whatever the reason for providing free downloads it's a great way to build your karaoke library. Then you can start to put together your karaoke CD's. You can use special software to compile your cd's add lyrics that scroll across the screen, and even have background videos.

The software isn't that difficult to use and what's even better is the number of packages that are available that are free or almost free. There are all kinds of freeware and shareware choices as well as your traditional commercial products.

If you have a karaoke player good for you, but if you are constantly scrambling to find a club that's got karaoke night or hit a friends house, now you can have your own player for cheap. There are all kinds of software packages that can turn your computer into a player.

Sites like Free Karaoke, Kara Fun, Karaoke Info, VanBasco, Source Tool, Mr. Free Free, My Music Tools, and My Music all offer free songs that you can listen to, download, and sing to. Of course there are many other sites available too. Just do a quick search online.

So the next time you get the urge to practice some new material start by doing a search online for free karaoke songs. You're going to see your name in lights real soon.

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